Verkaufe: Savatage, Satan, Sword, Running Wild, Visigoth, Striker...

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Re: Verkaufe: Benediction, Elm Street, SDI, Impalers, Tyranex...

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Neu dazu:
Havok: Time Is Up (Pappschuber) 7€
Iron Curtain: Road To Hell 8€
Midnight Chaser: Midnight Chaser 28€
Satan's Fall: Seven Nights 8€
Steel Aggressor: From Ruins To Dust (470 / 1000) 9€
Cutty Sark: Die Tonight / Heroes 8€
Handy-Kept: Handy-Kept 1€
Iron Curtain:Jaguar Spirit 7€
Necrytis: Countersighns 6€
Overdose (BRA): ...Conscience... (CD + DVD) 10€
Razor White: Razor White 8€
Razor White: Just What The Doctor Ordered 10€
Tad Morose: Modus Vivendi 7€
Amorphis: Tales From The Thousand Lakes (1994) 7€
Avian: Avian 5€
Evergrey: Torn (limited Digi) 3€
Gamma Ray: No World Order! 6€
Mortillery: Murder Death Kill 3€
Sacred Reich: Ignorance (Rerelease 2017) 5€
Titan Force: Winner / Loser (1997) 8€
Halloween: No One Gets Out (Pure Steel 2013) (OVP) 10€
Halloween: Don't Metal With Evil (Pure Steel 2010) 12€

Dio: Master Of The Moon (Limited Edition, Lenticular Album Sized Art Card, 2020) 18€
Dio: KIlling The Dragon (Limited Edition, Lenticular Album Sized Art Card, 2020) 22€
Kiss: Hotter Than Hell (Mercury Records 2014) (OVP) 14€
Savatage: Sirens ( Limited Edition, türkis, 2021) 20€
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Re: Verkaufe: Savatage, Satan, Sword, Running Wild, Visigoth, Striker...

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Neu dazu:
Riot: Army Of One 5€
Running Wild: Riding The Storm (2 CDs) 5€
Sanctuary: Refuge Denied / Into The Mirror Black (Iron Bird, 2 CDs) 7€
Satan: Atom By Atom 10€
Savatage: Sirens / The Dungeons Are Calling (Music For Nations 1988) 10€
Seasons Of The Wolf: Anthology (2 CDs) 5€
Striker: Armed To The Teeth (OVP) 10€
Sword: Metalized (Aquarius) 10€
Sword: Sweet Dreams (Aquarius) 12€
Tank: The Return Of The Filth Hounds Live 4€
Tourniquet: Where Moth And Rust Destoy 5€
Vicious Rumors: Word Of Mouth 5€
Visigoth: The Revenant King (inklusive patch) 12€

Anti-Flag: A New Kind Of Army (deutliche Gebrauchsspuren) kostenlos
Blood, Sweat & Tears: Spinning Wheel (Best of) kostenlos
Cashless: Kisses And Lies 1€
Mando Diao: Give Me Fire! 1€
Motörhead: No Remorse (2 CDs) 4€
Dimple Minds: Der Maurer und der König 1€
Sham 69: Soapy Water And Mister Marmalade 1€
Askura: From Nowhere kostenlos
Cyclefly: Generation Sap 1€
Lamb Of God: Sacrament 1€
Marilyn Manson: The Golden Age Of Grotesque (CD + DVD) 1€
Naked Aggression: March March Along 2€
Placebo: Once More With Feeling 1€
Guns N' Roses: Appetite For Destruction 1€
Stone Sour: Come What(ever) May 1€
Striker: Eyes In The Night 5€
30 Seconds To Mars: This Is War 1€
Into The Moat: The Design 2€
Marylin Manson: Lest We Forget 1€
Pro-Pain: Shreds Of Dignity 2€
White Zombie: The Sinister Urge kostenlos
At The Gates: Terminal Spirit Disease 2€
Beastie Boys: Licensed To Ill kostenlos
Billy Talent: III 1€
Billy Talent: Deluxe Live (2 DVDs plos 1 CD) 3€
Black Sabbath: Greatest Hits 2€
Bloodhound Gang: Along Comes Mary kostenlos
Deep Purple: In Rock kostenlos
Guano Apes: Proud Like A God 1€
Iced Earth: Iced Earth 1€
Konkhra: Come Down Cold 2€
Manowar: The Triumph Of Steel 1€
Mendeed: The Dead Live By Love (deutliche Gebrauchsspuren) kostenlos
Napalm Death: Utilitarian (Bibliotheks CD) kostenlos
Slash's Snakepit: It' Five O'Clock Somewhere 1€
The Offspring: Ixnay On The Hombre 1€
V.A.: The Many Faces Of Led Zeppelin (3 CDs) 3€
Bush: The Science Of Things 1€
Lamb of God: As The Palaces Burn 1€
Ministry: Dark Side Of The Spoon (deutliche Gebrauchsspuren) kostenlos
The Offspring: Conspiracy Of One (deutliche Gebrauchsspuren) kostenlos
Vampire: Rex 5€
Vrag: Harcom 4€