Großes Update: Bathory, Attacker, Loudness, Thrust, Warlord, Oracle u.v.a.

CD/LP/DVD/INSTRUMENTE alles was ihr verkaufen wollt
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Re: Verkaufe - Vulture, Aftershok, Attic, Exxplorer, Wretch...

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Neu dazu:
Hammer: Contract With Hell (Old Metal) 12€
Harbinger: Doom On You 5€
Angel Witch: Angel Witch (Rerelease 1998, 6 Bonus Tracks) 7€
Appearance Of Nothing: All Gods Are Gone 5€
Armed Forces: Take on The Nation! 8€
Beautiful Creatures: Deuce 1€
Custard: For My King 5€
Damn Yankees: Damn Yankees (leichte Mängel) kostenlos
Dazkarieh: Hemisferios (2 CDs) 5€
Deaf Indians: Deaf Indians 2€
Domine: Eternal Champion 4€
DNME: Last Of A Dying Breed 8€
Empty Storage: Mortalitas 3€
Enforcer: Death By Fire (limited Digi inklusive Patch) 6€
Enya: Shepherd Moons 1€
Enya: Watermark 1€
Extrabreit: Zurück aus der Zukunft 2€
Fatal Opera: Fatal Opera (Massacre 1995) 8€
Father Merrin: All Is Well That Ends In Hell 3€
Filter: The Trouble With Angels 1€
Fiona: Fiona (Wounded Bird) 5€
Godsmack: Awake kostenlos
Heart: Bad Animals 2€
In Extremo: Raue Spree 2005 (limited Discbox Slider) 4€
In Extremo: Sängerkrieg (limited Discbox Slider) 4€
Kula Shaker: Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts 1€
Malo: Malo 5€
Mandragora: Waves Of Steel 4€
Mendeed: The Dead Live By Love (OVP) 1€
Rage: Black In Mind / Avenger: Prayers Of Steel (2 CDs, 1995) 6€
Richard Marx: Rush Street 1€
Richie Sambora: Midnight Rider 5€
Sarah Vaughan: Sarah Sings Soulfully 2€
Slough Feg: The Animal Spirits 4€
Steel Panther: Live From Lexxi's Mom's Garage 4€
Sting: Sacred Love 2€
Алексей Страйк (Aleksey Strajk): Время Полной Луны 2€
The Bones: Straight Flush Ghetto 1€
The Soul Rebels: Unlock Your Mind 2€
V.A.: Quadrophenia 1€
Flotsam And Jetsam: The Cold (Icarus) 5€
GB Arts: Return To Forever 2€
Goat Horn: Threatening Force (leichte Mängel) 4€
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Re: Verkaufe - Flotsam And Jetsam, Hammer, Angel Witch, Morbid Angel, Slough Feg...

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Neu dazu:
King Goat: Conduit (Aural Music) 8€
Kruiz: Kruiz - 1 5€
Last Tribe: The Uncrowned (mit Unterschriften) 5€
Black Wreath: A Pyre Of LOst Dreams 7€
Dust: High Density Amplitude 5€
Iron Man: The Passage 8€
Legend (UK): Anthology (2 CDs) 16€
Orphaned Land: El Norra Alila (25th Anniversary Edition) 8€
Process Of Guilt: Faemin (limited 500) 7€
Revelation: Salvation's Answer (Leaf Hound Records) 10€
Revelation: Never Comes Silence (Leaf Hound Records) 7€

Stallion: From The Dead 8€
The Wounded Kings: The Shadow Over Atlantis 8€
Wolf Counsel: Ironclad 7€
Black Sun Aeon: Darkness Walks Beside Me 10€
Fallen Angel: Crawling Out Of Hell 7€
Humungus: Balls 7€
The Wounded Kings: Embrace Of The Narrow House 8€
Trial By Fire: Trial By Fire 8€
Black Viper: Hellions Of Fire 8€
Place Of Skulls - With Vision (Southern Lord) 8€
Ranger: Speed & Violence 8€
The Exalted Piledriver: Night Of The Unpolished Turd 8€
Thunderstorm: As We Die Alone 7€
Unisonic: Unisonic (Digibook) 6€
Woods Of Ypres: The Green Album 8€
Woods Of Ypres: Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues 7€
Zion: Thunder From The Mountain 25€

Clenched Fist: The Gift Of Death 3€
Kingscrossing: Kingscrossing 12€
Witchfinder General Friends of hell 8€
Gothic Knights - Kingdom Of The Knights 7€

Jack Starr 's Burning Starr: Rock the American Way 10€
Morbid Sin: Sins Of The Flesh 8€
Exciter: Exciter (Maze Music 1988) 10€
Iron Fire: On The Edge 7€
Iron Fire: Thunderstorm 7€
Orden Ogan: To The End (limited Digi, CD + DVD) 7€
Mystic Prophecy: Fireangel (Digipack, 2 CDs) 7€
Timo Tolkki's Avalon: The Land Of New Hope (limited Digi, CD + DVD) 7€

Freedom Hawk: Into Your Mind 8€
Jex Thoth: Jex Thoth 6€
Invader: Invader (Pure Underground 2012) 7€
Iron Curtain: Jaguar Spirit 7€
Helstar: Remnants Of War (Century Media 1999) 10€
Holocaust: The Nightcomers (Metal Blade 2000) 9€
Holy Dragons: Voskhod Chernoy Luny 4€
Pallbearer: Heartless 5€
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Re: Verkaufe - Orphaned Land, Stallion, Exciter, Black Viper, Ranger, Zion, Burning Starr...

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Vieles neu dazu:

Attacker: Sins Of The World 8€
Balistik Kick: Destroy 7€
Cloven Hoof: Eye Of The Sun (Escape 2006) 8€
The Hidden Hand: Mother Teacher Destroyer 8€
Penance: THe Road Revisited 4€
Thrust: Fist Held High / Reincarnation (2 CDs) 8€
Witch Mountain: Cauldron Of The Wild 7€
Witchcraft: Witchcraft 6€
Black Diamond: Faces (Heavy Metal Classics, 411/500) 8€
Loudness: Metal Mad (inkl. OBI) 12€
Loudness: Loud'n'Raw (Wounded Bird) 10€
Loudness: Loudest (Wounded Bird) 10€
Loudness: Live Loudest At The Budokan '91 (Wounded Bird) 10€
Loudness: Best Of Loudness 8688 - Atlantic Years (Wounded Bird) 10€
Loudness: Early Years Collection (Japan Pressung, inkl. OBI) 20€
Loudness: Golden Best
The Hidden Hand: Divine Propaganda 7€
Tropa de Shock: Survivors 7€
Wretch: Wretch (Bad Omen Records) 7€
Attacker: The Second Coming (Sentinel Steel) 9€
Bathory: Under The Sign Of The Black Mark 8€
Bathory: Blood Fire Death 8€
King Diamond: Conspiracy (Gold Edition) 8€
Obsession: Order Of Chaos 4€
Place Of Skulls: Nailed 6€
Warlord: The Holy Empire (Sons Of A Dream) 8€
Oracle: As Darkness Reigns 20€
Nightwish: Dark Passion Play (limited Digi, 2 CDs) 4€
Nitefall: Red Moon Rising 5€
Nomad Son: First Light 6€
Nevermore: Dreaming Neon Black 6€
Newsted: Heavy Metal Music (CD + DVD) 5€
Crucifixion: After The Fox 10€
Colour Haze: In Her Garden 10€
Morning Star: Weight Of The Hammer 6€
John Arch: A Twist Of Fate 4€
Lizzy Borden: Menace To Society (frühe Metal Blade Pressung) 8€
Masterplan: MK II (limited Digibook) 3€
Monsters (D): Riot In The Night 8€
Merlyn (CAN): Merlyn 30€
Blinding Sparks: Brutal Awakening 1€
Mandrake (DK): Breaking Out 4€
Candle: The Keeper's Curse 5€
Last Warning: From The Floor Of The Well 3€
Macbeth: Wiedergänger 5€
Marauder: Sense Of Metal (Rerelease 2005) 4€
Bombus: Repeat Until Death 4€
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Re: Großes Update: Bathory, Attacker, Loudness, Thrust, Warlord, Oracle u.v.a.

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Hallo ...
Hatte schonmal bei dir gekauft ...
Hätte Interesse an :

Place of Skulls - Nailed - 6
Iron Mask - Black as death - 6
The Hidden Hand - Mother Teacher ... - 8

sind die noch da ?
Und Wenn Ja ....geht 21 incl . porto ?