INVICTUS (jp) The Catacombs of Fear

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INVICTUS (jp) The Catacombs of Fear

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Furious flesh ripping Death Metal from the land of rotting sun, Japan. INVICTUS is a fresh and young band from the moloch of Nagano-City. The 3 piece band presents their first full length album named "The Catacombs of Fear". Previous releases are a split CD with Fecundation and a 2-Song MCD "At The Gate of Crypts". Responsible for the great artwork is nobody less than the Spanish artist Juanjo Castellano.

"The Catacombs of Fear" will be out 24.01.2020 on CD, in Asia by our befriended record label Obliteration Records and for the rest of this filthy world, FDA Records take care of CD and Download.

TODAY we proudly present the song „NECROCRYPT“: The PRE-SALE already has begun ! „The Catacombs of Fear“ is available for SPECIAL PRE-SALE PRICES on CD and CD/SHIRT bundle directly at the FDA Records Online-Shop: WWW.FDA-RECORDS.COM


Recommended for fans of: Carnage, General Surgery, Nihilist, Malevolent Creation, Gorefest, Skeletal Remains


Track listing:
01. At The Gate of Crypts
02. Lord of The Pit
03. Bizarre Dreams
04. Infernal Covenant
05. Diabolic Intent
06. Sinkhole of Ghouls
07. Spawn The Cycle of Putrefaction
08. Devouring Room
09. Necrocrypt
10. Netherworld
11. The Catacombs of Fear

INVICTUS online: