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Meine Tauschliste (CDs/Vinyl/Merchandise)

Beitrag von Oldskuul-Owl » 13.05.2014 23:55


- Accept "Restless and wild" (Picture-Disc)
- Acid "Black Car" (12" EP)
- Acid Reign "Hangin' on the telephone" (12" EP)
- Airdash "Hospital hallucinations"
- Alastis "The other side"
- Alice in Chains "Dirt" (Original #1 Press!)
- Angelicus "Knee down and pray" (Hellhound)
- Anthrax "Live Hammersmith Odeon" (Bootleg)
- Asphixia "Exit reality"
- Bolt Thrower "Realm of Chaos" (Testpressing, white Label, without Cover)
- B.B. Steal "On the edge"
- Calhoun Conquer "And now you're gone" (Chainsaw Murder)
- Carcass "Symphonies of Sickness" (Original Picture-Disc, still sealed)
- Caspar Brötzmann Massaker "Black axis"
- Cirith Ungol "One foot in hell" (Roadrunner)
- Deviser "Transmission to Chaos"
- Dismember "Like an everflowing stream" (NB, first Press)
- Dr. Known "Wreckage in Flesh"
- Fear of God (CH) "As statues fell" (Original first Press, Gatefold)
- Filthy Christians "Mean"
- Graveland "The fire of awakening" (black Vinyl) - NO COMMENT!
- Hideous Mangleous "We live... you sleep" (7", Thrash Records)
- Holy Moses "New machine of Liechtenstein"
- Klein Circus Same (7" with Paul Chain, Kina, Eversor, Madhouse)
- Mace "Process of Elimination"
- Malediction (UK) "System Fear" (7", Thrash Records)
- Malefice "Lotus Blossom"
- Megadeth "Open your mouth" (Paris 1988, Bootleg)
- Merciless Death "Sick sanctities" (lim. 500, unplayed)
- Mercyful Fate "Curse of the pharaos" (Bootleg)
- Mercyful Fate "From the depths of hell" (Bootleg)
- Messiah (CH) "Hymn to abramelin" (red cover, 2. Press)
- Minotaur "Power of darkness" (rare first Press!)
- Morbid Angel "Abominations of desolation" (Earache Records, MOSH 48)
- Mötley Crüe "Some demos, some live" (Bootleg, Do.-LP)
- Mötley Crüe/Ozzy Osbourne "Friends of the devil" (Live 1983, Bootleg - Do.-LP)
- Mucky Pup "A boy in a mans world"
- Nasty Savage "Abstract reality"
- Nausea "Crime against humanity" (Wild Rags)
- O.L.D. (Old Lady Drivers) "Old lady drivers" (Earache Records, MOSH 7)
- Omen "Warning of danger"
- Omnitron (SWE) "Same" (Power-Thrash)
- Rostock Vampires "Misery" (Nuclear Blast, NB 041)
- S.A. Slayer "Go for the throat"
- Sacred Rite "Is nothing sacred" (still sealed)
- S.D.I. "Satans Defloration Incorporates"
- Slayer "Boys keep swinging" (Bootleg, clear Vinyl)
- Slayer "Greetings from my guts" (Bootleg, red Cover /first Press)
- Slayer "Violent brains" (Live 1985, Bootleg- Do.-LP)
- Sodom "Ausgebomt" (12")
- Therion "Vovin" (NB, first Press)
- Triptykon "Eparistera daimones" (Gatefold Do.-LP, very rare)
- Wappen des Thodt, Die "In memoriam 1987-1992" (Ltd. Picture-Disc)
- Watchtower "Control and resistance"


- Abyssos "Fhinsthanian nightbreed"
- Accuser "Who dominates who?" (Atom H, rare)
- Accuser "Repent"
- AC/DC "In the studio" (Bootleg with radio broadcast & outtakes)
- Afflicted (SWE) "Prodigal sun" (NB 063)
- Agnostic Front "To be continued" (Best of)
- Airdash "Hospital hallucinations take one" (Original)
- Alarum "Eventuality"
- Annihilator "Set the world on fire" (Digipack)
- Arabesque "Beyond the veil" (Shark Records)
- Assorted Heap "Mindwaves" (1MF, still sealed, ultra rare)
- Assorted Heap "The experience of horror" (1MF, very rare)
- Atheist "Elements" (Active Records)
- Atrocity "Hallucinations" (Nuclear Blast)
- Atrocity "Todessehnsucht" (Roadrunner 1992)
- Autograph "Loud and clear"
- Avalanch (ESP) "Un paso mas" (Best of)
- Awful Truth "Same"
- Babylon Sad "Kyrie"
- Bad Religion "Only entertainment" - Live Amsterdam 1992 (Bootleg)
- Bangalore Choir "On target" (first press!)
- Baphomet (D) "No answers"
- Baphomet (US) "The dead shall inherit (Peaceville #1 press)
- Barathrum "Legions of Perkele"
- Biohazard "Live & Alive" (Bootleg)
- Björk "Post" (Digipack)
- Blackstar "Barbed wire soul" (with Carcass members)
- Blind Illusion "The sane asylum" (feat. members of Primus & Possessed)
- Böhse Onkelz "Live in Vienna"
- Bolt Thrower "... For Victory"
- Bonedust (CH) "Prototype" (feat. members of Reactor & Babylon Sad)
- Buzzard "Churp!!!" (Hellhound)
- Candlemass "Live"
- Carnivore "Retaliation" (Re-Release & Bonus)
- Catalepsy "Fruitcakes we have known" (great Thrash-Metal from 1993)
- Catharsis (US) "Pathways to Wholeness" (for fans of Watchtower!), Nordic Metal 1995
- Celtic Frost "Parched with thirst am I and dying" (Compilation 1984-1992, Noise)
- Channel Zero "Unsafe"
- China (CH) "So far" (Best of, rare)
- China (CH) "Natural groove" (Digipack)
- Chroming Rose "Louis XIV"
- Chroming Rose "Pressure"
- Chroming Rose "Inside"
- Circle Of Silence (feat. David Reece) "Same" & "Suicide Candyman" (Do.-CD)
- Cold Embrace (D) "Age of Doom" (Private press)
- Comecon "Megatrends in Brutality" (first press 1992)
- Commandment "Engrave in stone"
- Confessor "Condemned"
- Coroner "Same"
- Coroner "No more color"
- Corporation 187 "Perfection in pain"
- Corrosion Of Confirmity "Technocracy"
- Corrosion Of Confirmity "Blind"
- Colour Trip "Groundlevelsextype" (ex-Accessory)
- CPR (Coven, Pitrelli, O'Reilly) "Same"
- Cradle of Filth "The principle of evil made flesh" (CD has no back cover!)
- Cro Mags "Near death experience"
- Crowbar "Same"
- Crowbar "Obedience thru suffering"
- Crumbsuckers "Life of dreams"
- Cryptic Carnage "Rozelowe"
- Cyclone Temple "My friend lonely"
- Dark Funeral "The secrets of the black arts"
- Dark Millenium "Ashore the celestial burden"
- Darkthrone "Goatloard" (Digipack)
- Deathstars "Termination bliss" (Promo)
- Death Strike "Fuckin' death" (Nuclear Blast)
- Decameron "My shadow" (No Fashion Records)
- Decomposed (GB) "Hope finally died..." (rare #1 Press!)
- Defecation "Intention surpassed" (Promo)
- Deicide "Same" (Roadracer 1990)
- Demolition Hammer "Tortured existence" (rar first press 1991!)
- Demolition Hammer "Epidemic of violence" (rar first press 1992!)
- Destiny's End "Transition" (feat. James Rivera)
- Deströyer 666 "Defiance" (CD has no back cover!)
- Devastation "Idolatry"
- DiAnno, Paul "The classics: The Maiden years"
- Die Kreuzen "October file"
- Dimmu Borgir "Godless savage garden" EP
- Dissection "The somberlaine" (No Fashion)
- Driller Killer "Fuck the world" (Osmose)
- Edge Of Sanity "The spectral sorrows"
- Entombed "Hollowman EP" (Promo with different artwork)
- (Der Böse Bub) Eugen "Gute Zeiten"
- Europe "Prisoners in paradise"
- Evil Wings "Colors of the new world"
- E-X-E "Sicker than I thought!"
- Excalibur "One strange night" (Active Records)
- Exhorder "The law" (Roadracer!)
- Exodus "Lessons in violence" (Best of)
- Exodus "Force of habit"
- Exoto "A thousand dreams ago" (Black Mark)
- Fantomas "Amenaza al mundo" (#1 album)
- Fetish 69 "Purge"
- Foetus (Scraping Foetus off the wheel) "Nail"
- Forbidden "Distortion"
- Forlorn "The crystal palace"
- Forte "Stranger than fiction"
- Fudge Tunnel "The complicated futility of ignorance"
- Fudge Tunnel "In a word"
- Funeral Nation "After the battle" (Turbo, rare!)
- Gilbert, Paul (Mr. Big. Racer X) "Tribute to Jimi Hendrix" (Live 1991)
- Goethes Erben "Der, die, das" (EP)
- Gorefest "Mindloss"
- Gory Blister "Skymorphosis"
- Green Jelly "Cereal Killer Soundtrack"
- Guns N' Roses "New York '89" (Bootleg)
- Guns N' Roses "Concerts Vol 1" (Bootleg: New York 1989)
- Guns N' Roses "Live in concert" (Bootleg: New York 1992 & L.A. 1987)
- Hate Squad "Theatre of hate"
- Heathen "Breaking the silence"
- Helstar "Remnants of war"
- Hericane Alice "Tear the house down"
- Holy Moses "Terminal terror"
- Hypocrisy "Abducted"
- Hypocrisy "Hypocrisy" (Digipack)
- Into Eternity "Dead or dreaming"
- Jeff Walker & die Flüffers "Welcome to Carcass cuntry" (Digipack)
- Jesters March "Acts"
- Killers (F) "109"
- Kiss "Masked again" (Bootleg, live 1996 & Demo 1973)
- Lair Of The Minotaur "The ultimate destroyer" (CD has no back cover!)
- Lethal "Programmed"
- Leukemia (SWE) "Suck my heaven" (Black Mark, rare)
- Loudblast "Cross the Threshold" (Mini-CD)
- Lynch Mob "Wicked sensation"
- Manowar "Mystery in the north" (Live Sweden 1999, 400 copies, only)
- Marooned (CH) "Murder one" (oldschool Death Metal, Private press)
- Mayfair "Die Flucht"
- Megiddo/Rampage "Apocalyptic raids 2001 C.E." (Split-CD, Tribute to Hellhammer, lim. 088/113)
- Memento Mori "Life, death and other morbid tales"
- Mentors "Sex, drugs & rock n' roll"
- Metallica "Live USA 1985" (Bootleg)
- Metallica "The man is dead" (Live 1983 & 1984, Bootleg)
- Metallica "An album for you" (Live Essen 25.1.1987, Bootleg)
- Metallica "Bay Area Thrashers" (old live recording & short interview)
- Metallica "Interview disc" (incl. fully illustrated book)
- Metallica & Lou Reed "Lulu" (Do.-CD)
- Mighty Nimbus, The "Same" (great Doom!)
- Minowarp "Mirror of feelings" (Private press)
- Moody Blues, The "On the threshold of a dream" (Digitally Remastered)
- Moody Blues, The "Every good boy deserves favour" (Digitally Renastered)
- Morbid Angel "Altars of Madness" (Earache, MOSH 11CD)
- Morbid Angel "Abominations of desolution"
- Moribund (CH) "Oracular eyes"
- Mötley Crüe "Misunderstood" (Maxi-CD)
- Motörhead "March or die"
- Mud Slick "Keep crawlin' in the mud"
- Mud Slick "Same" (rare EP, Private press)
- Mystic Force "A step beyond"
- Nashville Pussy "From hell to texas"
- Nebula "Dos ep's"
- Necromantia (GRE) "Crossing the fiery path" (2. press, Digipack)
- Necronomicon "The devil's tongue" (Laserlight)
- Nevermore "Enemies of reality" (Promo)
- Nifelheim "Devil's force"
- Nocturnal Breed "Tools of the trade"
- Nuclear Assault "Something wicked"
- Nuclear Death "Carrion for worm" (Wild Rags)
- Obituary "Godly beings" (Bootleg)
- Osiris "Futurity and human depressions" (Shark Records, rare)
- Overkill "Coverkill"
- Oxiplegatz "Worlds and worlds" (ex-At The Gates)
- Pantera "Fucking hostile cowboys from hell" (Live Frankfurt 4.2.93)
- Pantera/Villain "Split-CD" (Reborn Classics)
- Paradise Lost "As I die" (EP)
- Pestilence "Testimony of the ancients" (Roadracer 1991)
- Possessed "Agony in paradise" (Live '87)
- Praxis (feat. Buckethead) "Metatron"
- Profanatica/Masacre "Split-CD" (Osmose)
- Pyogenesis "Waves of erotasia" (Nuclear Blast, 1994)
- Re-Animator That was then... this is now" (Under One Flag)
- Ripping Corpse "Dreaming with the dead" (Under One Flag)
- Ritual Carnage "The birth of tragedy" (CD has no back cover!)
- Running Wild "Blazon stone" (Noise)
- Sabbat "Mourning has broken" (Noise)
- Sacred Reich "Surf Nicaragua"
- Sacred Reich "The American Way"
- Sacred Reich "Independent"
- Sacrilege "Turn back trilobite" (Under One Flag)
- Sacrosanct "Tragic intense" (1MF)
- Sadist (I) "Sadist" (2007)
- Salem "Kaddish"
- Sanctuary "Into the mirror black"
- Satriani, Joe "Time machine" (Do.-CD)
- Satrox "Energy"
- Salvation "From where"
- Satyricon "Nemesis divina" (Moonfog)
- Scarve (F) "The undercurrent" (Digipack)
- Schnitt Acht "Slash and burn"
- Scum (FIN) "Mother nature" (Black Mark)
- Scum (NOR) "Gospels for the sick" (feat. members of Amen, Emperor, Turbonegro)
- Sepultura "Morbid visions" (Roadracer)
- Sex Pistols "Never mind the Bollocks"
- Signs Of Dying "Desire is suffering"
- Sisters Of Mercy "Alice / Ripsters of mercy" (Promo)
- Skitzotik "Same"
- Slayer "The first command" (rare CD-Bootleg, Nr. 274/500)
- Slayer "Decade of aggression" (Do.-CD)
- S.O.D. "Speak english or die" (first press)
- Spiralsea "Essence" (Mascot Records, rare!)
- Stille Volk "Maudat" (Promo)
- Stonecreep (D) "The deatchmarch crushes on" (Promo/Private press)
- Stressball "Same" (Pavement/IRS 1993)
- Stroke, The "The freakadelic rockafunk experience"
- Stuck Mojo "Pigwalk"
- Suckspeed "The day of light" (1989, great Thrash-Core!)
- Suckspeed "End of depression" (We Bite Records 1992, great Thrash-Core!)
- Suicidal Tendencies "Still cyco after all these years"
- Suicidal Tendencies "How will I laught tomorrow..."
- Surrealist "Unexpected being" (Private press, lim. 500)
- Swamp Terrorists (CH) "Swamp terrorists"
- Tankard "Alien"
- Tankwart (Tankard) "Aufgetankt/Himbeergeist zum Frühstück" (Limited Edition)
- Tankwart (Tankard) "Himbeergeist zum Frühstück"
- Temperance "Krapakalja" (Shiver Records)
- Testament "Low"
- Thanathos "Realm of ecstacy" (Shark Records)
- Thought Industry "Black umbrella"
- Thought Industry "Reeruited to do good deeds for the devil" (Best of)
- Tiamat "The astral sleep"
- Tortoise Corpse "Worlds got a problem"
- Townsend, Devin "Infinity"
- Tribe after tribe "Love under will"
- Tribulation (SWE) "Clown of thorns" (Black Mark)
- Unanimated "In the forest of the dreaming dead" (Original #1 press)
- Unleashed "Live in Vienna '93" (still sealed)
- Unlight "Eldest born of hell"
- V.A. "Hard n' Heavy Rarities Vol. 07" (incl. Silent Listener "Veterans of the fight", Twilight Project "Same", Agentz "Stick to your guns" - 3 Albums on 1 CD)
- Vai, Steve "Passion and warfare"
- Varathron "His majesty at the swamp" (Original, Cyber Music)
- Ved Buens Ende "Written in waters" (Re-Release)
- Vergelmer "Light the black flame"
- Vicious Rumors "Cyberchrist" (Digipack, still sealed)
- Vio-lence "Nothing to gain"
- Voodoocult "Same"
- Wargasm "Ugly"
- Wartime "Fast food for thought" (feat. Henry Rollins)
- Wolf (SE) "Ravenous"
- Wombbath (SWE) "Lavatory" (Napalm Records, 1993)
- Zorn, John "Elegy" (feat. Mike Patton)

Tapes & DVD's:

- Black Sabbath "Never say die - Live 1978" (VHS)
- Black Sabbath "The story Vol. 1 / 1970-1978" (VHS)
- Bon Jovi "Access all areas / New Jersy - The Videos" (VHS)
- Bon Jovi "Keep the faith - The Videos" (VHS)
- Celtic Frost "Live at the Hammersmith Odeon" (VHS)
- Confessor "Live in Norway" DVD
- Fates Warning "A pleasant shade of gray - Live" (VHS)
- Gluecifer "Royally stuffed" - DVD (Live & video clips)
- Guns N' Roses "Use your illusion II - Live Tokyo 1992" (VHS)
- Iron Maiden "Maiden England"
- KISS "X-treme"
- Kreator "Extreme aggression Tour 1989-1990" (VHS)
- Metallica "A year and a half in the life of... Vol. 1" (VHS)
- Metallica "A year and a half in the life of... Vol. 2" (VHS)
- Queensryche "Building empires" (VHS)
- Tesla "Five man video band" (VHS)

Merchandise (Trade & Sale): ... 7628551047

PM! Anfragen werden umgehend beantwortet!

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Re: Meine Tauschliste (CDs/Vinyl/Merchandise)

Beitrag von Terabapuno1 » 13.04.2016 07:27

Therion "Vovin" (NB, first Press)
- Triptykon "Eparistera daimones" (Gatefold Do.-LP, very rare)
- Wappen des Thodt, Die "In memoriam 1987-1992" (Ltd. Picture-Disc)
- Watchtower "Control and resistance"????

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Re: Meine Tauschliste (CDs/Vinyl/Merchandise)

Beitrag von metalmac » 16.05.2016 19:37

Irgendwie scheint meine PM nicht angekommen zu sein.

Dehalb hier nochmals:

ich bin eventuell an der von dir angebotenen Dismamber LP interessiert. Wie ist der Zustand?
Wenn du tauschst - was suchst du?
Danke & Grüße,

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Re: Meine Tauschliste (CDs/Vinyl/Merchandise)

Beitrag von gnaarwarian » 20.03.2017 18:11

Hätte Interesse an

Coroner "No more color"
Helstar "Remnants of war"

Meine Tauschliste ist hier

Eine AC/DC CD kann ich noch anbieten, die Powerage, leider hat das Digi innen einen großen Riss, ist aus der Remaster Serie von 2003.

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Re: Meine Tauschliste (CDs/Vinyl/Merchandise)

Beitrag von cotlod » 13.08.2017 18:49

hatte vor ein paar Tagen 'mal eine PM geschrieben. Bis jetzt keine Antwort. Technische Probleme, oder hat sich das ganze erledigt?

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Re: Meine Tauschliste (CDs/Vinyl/Merchandise)

Beitrag von Nicnakk » 28.08.2017 18:06

Suchst Du etwas Bestimmtes ? Oder hast Du gar eine Suchliste ?
"I find myself in between an eruption of fear
I've become a slave to the void,my dear"