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Verfasst: 21.06.2008 23:56
von siyahdemir

Aeternus: Beyond the Wandering Moon (Karmageddon) near mint
Aeternus: Burning the Shroud (00) very good
Aeternus: Ascension of Terror (Hammerheart 01) very good
Aeternus: Shadows of Old (Hammerheart) mint
Anwech: My Frozen Dream Slept...(FOTA) very good
Apophis: Heliopolis (Morbid 98) near mint

Battlelore: Sword’s Song (Napalm 03) very good
Beyond the 9th Wave: Vol. 1 (Suffering jesus 05) mint
Bloodjunkies: Maladies mint
Blood Red Throne: Affiliated with Suffering (Hammerheart) near mint
Böhse Onkelz: Hier sind die Onkelz (Virgin 95) good
Böhse Onkelz: E.I.N.S. (Virgin 96) used
Böhse Onkelz: Viva los Tioz (Virgin 98 DIGI) good
Brimstone: Carving a Crimson Career (NB DIGI) very good
Brutus: Slachtbeest (Unique Leader 03) used

Casketgarden: Open the Casket, Enter the Garden (Metal Age) near mint
Corvus Corax: Seikilos (Pica 02) DIGI very good
Corvus Corax: Mille anni passi sunt (00) very good
Cryptic Carnage: Retrospect 2000 (Serenades 99) good

Dark Tranquillity: Projector (CM 99) DIGI used
Dark Tranquillity: The Mind’s I (Osmose 97) used
Deamon: Descend Dethrone (CDN 06) near mint
Deamon: Synopsis of Sin (GhettoBlaster 03) good
Death Reality: Blasphemous Bleeding (Remission 01) mint
Death Reality: Bloodprints (Morbid 04) mint
Death Reality: Flesh Still Feeds (Remission 02) very good
Dementor: Kill the Thought on Christ (Immortal Souls 97) near mint
Dementor: The Art of Blasphemy (Qabalah 99) very good
Dementor: God Defamer (Osmose 04) mint
Demons&Wizards: s/t (Steamhammer 99) used
Demons&Wizards: Touched by the Crimson King (Steamhammer 05) near mint
Desolation: Corruption (Crepuscule du Soir) CD-R + booklet + chord
Desolation: s/t (Crepuscule du Soir) CD-R + booklet in DVD shell
Disinter: Welcome to Obliveon (Morbid 00) near mint
Disinter: Demonic Portraiture (Morbid 01) near mint
Dissenter: Bloodlust & Blasphemy (self-released 99) used
Dissenter: Apocalypse of the Damned (Cold Blood Industries 02) mint
Divine Empire: Doomed to Inherit (Plague 00) good
Divine Empire: Method of Execution (CM 05) near mint

Enforsaken: Embraced by Misery (Lifeforce 01) used
Enforsaken: The Forever Endeavor (Century Media 04) very good
Enshadowed: Intensity (Black Lotus 03) mint
Erhabenheit: Vom Tempel zum Throne (Black Devastator) mint
Exhumed: Anatomy is Destiny Lim.2CD (Relapse) mint

Fields of the Nephilim: Fallen (SPV Jungle 02) near mint
Finntroll: Trollhammaren DIGI (Century Media 04) near mint
Finntroll: Nattfödd (Century Media 04) good
Folkvang: On the Wings of Destiny (Ancient Nation) mint
Folkvang: World of Wisdom (Ancient Nation 001) mint
Folkvang/Wodensthrone Split (Ancient Nation) mint
Forlorn: Opus III - Ad Caelestis Res (Napalm 99) near mint
Forlorn: Hybernation (Napalm 03) mint

Godgory: Way Beyond (Nuclear Blast 01) near mint
Gorerotted: Only Tools and Corpses (MetalBlade 03) near mint
Gorerotted: A New Dawn For the Dead (MB 05 +DVD DIGI) mint
Gosforth: V.H.E.M.T. (Black Blood) good
Gosforth: Hornlust (BMcom) near mint
Grip Inc.: Power of Inner Strength (Steamhammer 95) used
Grip Inc.: Solidify DIGI (Steamhammer 99) very good
Guns n’ Roses: Appetite for Destruction (Geffen 87) good
Guns n’ Roses: Use Your Illusions I (Geffen 91) good
Guns n’ Roses: Use Your Illusions II (Geffen 91) near mint

Helritt: Trotzend dem Niedergang (Det Germanske Folket) near mint
Helvetespine: Frykten og Mennesket (Hexenhammer) mint
Hin Onde: Songs of Battle (Aftermath 00) +bonus very good

I: Between Two Worlds (NB/Irond 06) near mint
Iced Earth: Dark Saga (CM 98) used
In Abeyance: Death Wish (self) near mint
In Flames: Clayman (Nuclear Blast 00) very good
Interitus: Der Traum von menschenleerer Schönheit (FotA01) DIGI very good
In The Woods: Three Times Seven...(Prophecy) DIGI good
Iron Maiden : s/t (EMI 82) very good
Iron Maiden: The Final Frontier (10) mint

Kenziner: The Prophecies (Limb 99) mint
Krieg: The Black House (Red Stream) very good
Krisiun: Conquerors of Armageddon (Century Media 00) good
Krisiun: Works of Carnage (Century Media 03) very good

Lacuna Coil: Unleashed Memories DIGI (Century Media 01) used
Lacuna Coil: Comalies (Century Media 02) good
Lacuna Coil: In a Reverie (CM 05) mint
Liar of Golgotha: Dwell within the Mysterious Dark (Mascot 98) very good
Limbonic Art: Ad Noctum (Nocturnal Art 99) used
Lords of Decadence: Cognitive Note of Discord (Scarlet 05) very good

Make a Change...Kill Yourself I (BlackHate004) near mint
Malevolent Creation: In Cold Blood+Eternal DIGI good
Managarm: Poems of the Shadows Disappointment (Selfmutilation) mint
Mangled: Most Painful Ways (Plague 01) near mint
Mirror of Deception: Foregone (Final Chapter 002) mint
Mirror of Deception: Mirrorsoil (Miskatonic/HPL) very good
Moloch: A Journey to the Vyrdin (NSP 022) mint
Mord: Imperium Magnum Infernalis (Non Compos Mentis 06) mint
Mortician: Chainsaw Dismemberment (Relapse 99) mint
Musta Kappeli: Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon (Priimitive Reaction) DIGI mint

Nachtmystium: Eulogy IV (THR) near mint
Napalm Death: Fear, Emptiness, Despair (Earache 94) very good
Natron: Negative Prevails (Holy 99) good
Natron: Bedtime for Mercy (Holy 00) DIGI very good
Nebular Moon: Mourning (Last Episode 98) near mint
Nebular Moon:...of Dreams and Magic (Last Episode 99) near mint
Nergal: The Wizard of Nerath (Shadowface) near mint
Nocturnal Rites: Shadowland (Century Media 02) very good
Nocturnal Rites: The Sacred Talisman (CM 99) very good
Nocturnal Rites: Afterlife (CM 00) good
Nocturnal Winds: Everlasting Fall (Aftermath) near mint
Nordic Winter: Threnody (None More Black 07) mint
Numen: Galdutako itxaropenaren eresia (GOI 2001-03) good

Perished: Seid (Displeased) mint
Pestilential Shadows: Cursed (SDL035) near mint
Pitchshifter: Deviant (MCA 00) used
Prostitute Disfigurement: Embalmed Madness (UBR 04) very good
Prostitute Disfigurement: Deeds of Derangement (Morbid 03) near mint

Remembrance: Frail Visions (Total Rust) very good

Samael: 1987 - 1992 (CM 94) good
Satariel: Phobos and Deimos (Hammerheart) near mint
Saxon: The Collection (Disky 96) near mint
Sepsism: To Prevail in Disgust (From Beyond) mint
Siebenbürgen: Grimjaur (Napalm) very good
Siebenbürgen: Plagued Be Thy Angel (Napalm DIGI) good
Sine Luce: s/t (self 07) near mint
Sine Luce: L’ombra dell’apparenza (self 08) mint
Sine Luce: L’illusione d’esistere (self 08) mint
Skyfire: Haunted by Shadows EP mint
Slavland: Szepty Starych Debow (Eastside 05) mint
Slavland: Lechita (Eastside 09) very good
Slavland: Echa Wiekow Pradawnych (Eastside 07) used
Sojaruun: s/t (Black Devastation) mint
Sojaruun: Org (Black Devastation) mint
Stormheit: Caelic Weold Finnum (DTD003) mint
Striborg: Misanthropic Isolation/In the Heart...(Asgard 03) Lim.500 used
Striborg: Nocturnal Emissions/Nyctophobia (Finsternis 03) Lim.500 good
Striborg: Mysterious Semblance (Finsternis 05) Lim.500 +bonus good
Striborg: Black Desolate Winter/Depressive Hibernation (Asgard) good
Striborg: Trepidation (Finsternis) good
Striborg: Nefaria/A Tragic Journey...(Displeased 07) good
Striborg: Ghostwoodlands (Displeased) near mint
Sunchariot: Betrayal Light of Fertile Ground (Soundscape 97) good
Svart: Vanära, Vanamakt och Avsmak (Frostscald) mint
Svart: Väran Tid är Förbi (Frostscald 09) mint
Sytry: Hunger of Cold Nights (DTP010) mint

Testament: The Ritual (Atlantic 92) very good
The Absence: From Your Grave (Metal Blade 05) mint
The Agony Scene: The Darkest Red (Roadrunner 05) near mint
The Agony Scene: Get Damned (CM Slipcase 07) very good
The Binding: s/t (Imagine it) mint
The Cure: The Top (84) good
The Cure: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (87) used
The Exploited: Beat the Bastards (Rough Justice 96) near mint
The Gathering: Almost a Dance (Foundation 00) good
Thy Primordial: Where only the Seasons mark the Paths of Time &
At the World of untrodden Wonder (Blackend 02) 2CD near mint
Thy Primordial: The Crowning Carnage (CandlelightUS 01) mint
Thy Primordial: Pestilence upon Mankind (Blackend 04) Slipcase near mint
Trollskogen: Totenwache (Darkland) near mint

Umount: Misterioso (self 04) mint
Unearth: The Stings of Conscience (Alveran 05) near mint
Unearth: The Oncoming Storm (Metal Blade 04) near mint
Unearth: In the Eyes of Fire (Metal Blade 06) DIGI+DVD near mint
Ur Falc’h/Heretic Blood Split (Morbid Winter) mint
Ur Falc'h: s/t (Morbid Winter) mint

Varathron: Stygian Forces of Scorn (Todesrune/DTM030) mint
Veineliis/Kältetod Split (Temple of Tortorous 001) DIGI mint
Veineliis: In this Forest Shall be my Gallows (Midwinter 001) mint
Vesperian Sorrow: Beyond the Cursed Eclipse (Displeased 99) near mint

Warning: Watching From a Distance (Cyclone Empire) near mint
Watain: Lawless Darkness (Seasons of Mist) near mint

Xasthur: Telepathic with the Deceased (Moribund 04) mint
XIV Dark Centuries: Den Ahnen zum Grusse (CCP 03) mint
XIV Dark Centuries: Jul (CCP 05) very good

1349: Revelations of the Black Flame (2CD Slipcase Candlelight 09) very good

Anima Infernalis: Depressed With Myself (Depressive Illusions) Lim.66
Anima Infernalis: Walk in the Perdition of a Lost World (Depressive Illusions) Lim.66
Grotte: Existence is Futile (Depressive Illusions) Lim.66
Moloch: Blacker Than Darkness (Thorn Laceration)
Nargothrond: Promo (Hades/Satanachia 98)
Pestiferium: In Honour of Evil and Ancient Pride (War Prod.)
Triebtat/Herbstregen/Das Zwielicht: Moment der Stille Lim.100


Adorior: Author of Incest
Asphyx – Asphyx
Cantas Ad Mortuos - O Retorno
Deathspell Omega - Manifestations 00-01
Deathspell Omega – Manifestations 02
Empire of Tharaphita - Dreams From the Forgotten
Immolation - Shadows in the Light
Insomnium - Across the Dark
Insomnium - Above the Weeping World
Insomnium - One For Sorrow
Karg – Zeitenwende
October Tide: Rain Without End
Pestreich - Beyond the Shadows
Pestreich - Hass überlebt die Hassenden
Pestreich - Vom Zerfall geprägt
P.H.O.B.O.S. - ?
Raven Dark - Foretasting Death by the Very Birth 1998
Rundagor: Elements of Warmonger
Rundagor: The Beastreal
Skydancer - Frozen
Taake - Hordalands Doedskvad
The Foetal Mind - The Grand Contraction
The Foetal Mind - Supreme Cheminement
TOBC - Heart of Darkness
Urgewalt - Geisterhain
Utgard - s/t
Vinterland - Welcome To My Last Chapter
Warfare "Madness Breeds Heroes"
Warfare: Here is Your Hell
Wedard "Von Liebe und Wäldern"
Wedard "Am Anfang war es Licht"
Withering Night - Lies and Corruption SE

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von TheJesterRace

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von Leprosy666
Auch von mir!

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von Darksphere
von mir auch ne PM!

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von derevilfrank

Verfasst: 24.06.2008 20:14
von Ravenpride
Hast PM !!! :)

Verfasst: 24.06.2008 21:39
von siyahdemir
etwas weg, nichts dazu

Verfasst: 29.06.2008 11:17
von it
CD ist da, vielen dank, hoffe deine auch? :prost:

Verfasst: 29.06.2008 11:33
von Darksphere
Wann bekomme ich eigentlich meine Cds für die 38 euro?

Verfasst: 30.06.2008 14:31
von siyahdemir
Darksphere hat geschrieben:Wann bekomme ich eigentlich meine Cds für die 38 euro?
Sobald ich die restlichen 18 Euro bekomme ;)

Liste updated

Verfasst: 30.06.2008 14:34
von Darksphere
siyahdemir hat geschrieben:
Darksphere hat geschrieben:Wann bekomme ich eigentlich meine Cds für die 38 euro?
Sobald ich die restlichen 18 Euro bekomme ;)

Liste updated
die sind doch längst drauf? wenn nicht dann gib mir nochmal deine verbindung.

Verfasst: 01.07.2008 11:57
von Ravenpride
CDs heute angekommen . Besten Dank ! Hoffe meine 2 sind auch schon bei dir. :prost: :pommes:

Verfasst: 01.07.2008 14:35
von siyahdemir
Ravenpride hat geschrieben:CDs heute angekommen . Besten Dank ! Hoffe meine 2 sind auch schon bei dir. :prost: :pommes:
Ebenfalls heute angekommen, Danke!

Verfasst: 09.07.2008 18:53
von raupy_666
Allet anjekomm... Besten Dank...

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