WARZWOLF - In the valley of the shadow (Vinyl)

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WARZWOLF - In the valley of the shadow (Vinyl)

Beitragvon Oldskuul-Owl » 17.01.2016 03:45

WARZWOLF (US) "In the valley of the shadow" 1987 - Vinyl Record (M)
Super rare collector's item, lim. 100 (?)

I'm looking for the following records:

- SLAYER "And Then Came Dawn"
- SLAYER "Early live shows Vol. 1"
- SLAYER "Nitemare on Elmstr. (red Cover, red Vinyl)
- SLAYER "Swine" (red, black or blue Vinyl)
- WARLOCK "Metalbound - Live Loreley 1985" (red or blue Vinyl)


For further information/pictures please pm me! Thanks!

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